June 12, 2013

How To Convert 1gb or 2gb Memory Card/Pen Drive to 4gb

Hello guys, today I am posting a very simple yet interesting trick. Do you ever want to increase Total Size of your Memory Card or Pendrive. So now i am going to teach you - how to Convert 1gb or 2gb Memory card/Pendrive to 4gb and the important thing is that you can easily do it at home in jusy 2 minutes. You might thinking, I got crazy, but my friends, I am really fine and very happy to share this trick with you all. Got Excited!!! So without wasting much time let's start the process to convert 2gb memory card/pen drive to 4gb.

Firstly make a Backup of your memory card or pen drive before you apply this trick, as your memory card will be formatted in this trick.

Things you will need :- 
  • A PC
  • DriveIncreaser.bat (Software)
Click Here To Dowanload DriverIncreaser.bat

Steps to convert 2gb memory card to 4gb :-

  1. You must have the above listed things that are required for this trick.
  2. Now Connect your memory card or pendrive with your PC.
  3. Give any name to the memory card/pendrive. Let I give the name "Welcome" to my memory card/pendrive.
  4. Now open the software i.e. DriveIncreaser.bat
  5. It will ask for the name of your memory card/pen drive.Enter the name of your memory card/pendrive there. For instance in my case, i will type "Welcome" and press Enter button.
  6. Than it will ask you the Drive Letter of your memory card/pendrive. Just go to "My Computer" and see the Drive Letter in which your memory card or pendrive Iis inserted. In my case it is "H:/" Drive, so I will type H there and press Enter button.
  7. Now it will ask you to enter the Drive Letter again. Just enter the same letter once again and hit Enter. In my case I will again type H and press Enter button.
  8. Now wait for sometime, until the process finishes.
  9. Just have a look at your memory card or pendrive's available space, it has been converted to 4gb.
So what are you waiting for, just download the software and follow above steps and have your 1gb or 2gb memory card/pendrive converted to 4gb.

Now you might be thinking, as if 1gb or 2gb memory card can be converted into 4gb, than who will buy a 4gb memory card. So, I must tell you all, it is just a prank. With this trick, you can amaze your friends and family. It will only show 4gb total space, but actually, it will store data upto its original capacity.

Tips that will help you :- 
  • Backup your memory card/pendrive first.
  • Use card reader in case of memory card.
  • Formatting your memory card/pendrive, will again make it to its original size.
If you are facing any kind of problem, than do let me know by Commenting below.
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How to convert 4gb pendrive to 16gb

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